Pac West was started in Portland Oregon in 1986 by my uncle. He started out shipping mostly fresh produce to the east coast. He soon expanded the focus to frozen fruit, vegetables, and nursery stock.  The focus then and now is on shipments out of the Northwest and California to Texas, the Midwest and, the East Coast. We take great pride in the 28 years of experience and accumulated knowledge. We are confident if you tell us your story, what your needs are and what it is you are trying to accomplish -we can put our experience and knowledge to work for you and provide a solution.


We have been through almost thirty spring and fall shipping seasons. We understand the equipment supply and demand challenges, the different modes of transport being used, the associated risks, and pricing with each.  We know and have relationships with the majority of the northwest shippers.  We understand the uniqueness of transporting plants and what is involved in the loading/unloading process.  We have delivered thousands of loads to the big box stores and thousands more to private nurseries across America.

Frozen/Fresh Food

After almost thirty years of focusing on frozen food shipping from the West Coast and Northwest in particular – we have become experts in the region. It would be hard to find a Northwest cold storage organization that does not know us and you can be assured we know them.  We understand and are aware of the competing crops and seasonality challenges effecting equipment. From the fresh cherry or apple harvest to California produce and Christmas trees.  We look forward to assisting you.


Carl Johnson

President and Owner